Wire Products Inc. About Us Wiring Harnesses

I would like to introduce you to WIRE PRODUCTS INC., incorporated in 1997 by James Masterson.  Bought in 2002 by Debbie Hobbs, who has been with the business since it began, and Roger Harris, who brought 20 years of experience to Wire Products.  Located at 5614 Boys Ranch Road in Lavaca, Arkansas, about 20 miles northeast of Fort Smith, AR.

Wire Products is housed in a 16,000 sq. ft. building, sitting on 3 acres (room for expansion). With an impressive list of modern machinery that includes, two CLS 3G’s, a Komax Gamma 333 doubling machine, a Komax Gamma 263, a Uniqa Pro CR01, an Artos CR11, two Eubanks, and three bench presses.  These machines, along with rest of our inventory, assures us that no matter what size job is ordered or what size wire is needed, we have it covered.  A big part of our success is our suppliers.  We have used Heilind Electronics for terminal and housing supplies for over 10 years, they keep a large stock of our high to medium volume parts in their warehouse in Plano TX, so we can order inventory one day and receive it the next day.  Tennessee Wire has been our wire source for over 10 yrs.  They work very hard for us and also have a next day delivery from their facility to ours.  Along with our many other suppliers, we have our inventory system in great shape.

Also, we have in place a top-notch quality program, giving us a very sound quality system. We take pride that we have some of the lowest PPM’s in our customers’ system.

In order to stay competitive, we offer our customers face-to-face service, also offering short lead times for large as well as small orders. Our short lead times, on-time deliveries and high-quality work, has assured us our customers are satisfied, while others have lost out to foreign competitors.  We have several customers that have been with us for 15 plus years and we have a couple of customers who have been with us at least a decade.  We have several new customers that we are building a long-term relationship with right now.  Our long relationship with our customers gives us great pride in the work we do, and the determination to not disappoint them. If they are happy we are happy!

 If at any time you would like to learn more about Wire Products or have questions you would like answered, please feel free to contact us at.